Work-Life Balance and Personal Growth

Full Topic Descriptions

Improving the Quality of  Your Journey

Americans have so normalized activity overload that “busy, busy, busy” has become the all-too-familiar mantra for the new millennium. After all, virtually everyone knows the feeling– too much to do and too little time or energy to do it all well. This informative, entertaining, and inspiring personal development session – one of Dr. Mom’s most frequently requested programs -- targets dedicated, and often-depleted, individuals who sometimes forget to re-fill their own emotional tanks as they endlessly respond to the compelling needs of others. Juggling diverse responsibilities can create unrelenting stress that undermines wellbeing and contributes to job burnout. Worse yet, toxic role overload threatens to create “compassion fatigue” by draining of a deeply cherished attribute.

Drawing from her own experience of giving birth to five children in seven years, while completing her medical education, Dr. Mom shares hard-earned wisdom gleaned from her personal journey, professional encounters, and prolific reading. In addressing the universal quest of contemporary life – finding a balance – Dr. Mom offers timeless practical life-strategies to equip participants to achieve greater balance, cultivate resilience, and enhance life satisfaction by clarifying governing values, aligning priorities, nurturing core relationships, recognizing faulty thinking, and promoting essential self-care. Dr. Neifert’s content-rich, immensely funny, piercing, life balance message will resonate with anyone who is eager to re-examine their choices and renew their excitement about their life and their work. Discover how reordering our own harried lives can serve as a positive example for countless others in our sphere of influence who experience increased levels of stress. Dr. Mom’s compelling life balance message makes the ideal keynote address for health care and professional associations, corporate wellness programs, women’s organizations, government agencies, civic groups, parent organizations, and countless other entities. Come prepared to laugh and learn – leave rejuvenated and re-energized!

Keys to Contentment: Insights from Positive Psychology that Increase Happiness and Well-Being

Do you want to improve your relationships, increase your productivity, experience greater meaning and fulfillment, and live at the upper end of your inborn level of happiness? In this lively and informative professional development session, Dr. Mom will review life-changing principles of positive psychology—the scientific study of optimal human functioning–that promote positive emotions, stimulate creative problem-solving, enhance well-being, and build resilience. Participants will learn how to experience authentic happiness by using our unique character strengths and core virtues in as many life arenas as possible, and in service to a noble purpose larger than ourselves. Discover why cultivating an attitude of gratitude is strongly and consistently linked with greater happiness and fulfillment and how complaining and blaming release a cascade of stress chemicals and diminish both complainers and hearers. Understand how positive emotions create a “Happiness Advantage” in the workplace by increasing our energy level, productivity, motivation, and creativity.

Leave the session empowered to begin incorporating happiness-boosting insights, attitudes, and practices into your daily routines to generate positive energy, cultivate your strengths, reduce stress and burnout, and keep you more engaged with life. Let your personal example of happiness, satisfaction, optimism and joy serve as a healthy and effective model for your loved ones, as well as for staff and clients within your sphere of influence.

The Art of Growing Older

Not only has life expectancy in the United State reached an all-time high, “active” lifespan is increasing as well. Although seniors today are healthier, more active, and more economically secure than ever, the hard fact remains that we all inevitably die. Only by fully embracing this painful reality are we prepared to more easily accept life’s lesser loses, live more passionately in the present, and move into the future with renewed hope and enthusiasm. This presentation encompasses Dr. Mom’s prescription for aging with grace and purpose, beginning by conducting a life review, recognizing the positives that have emerged from the transformative events in our lives, and determining to embrace the future with an orientation of hope and expectation.

Learn how to increase satisfaction at every age of life by:

  1. Finding purpose and meaning in our daily activities;
  2. Intentionally savoring life’s simple and magnificent pleasures;
  3. Recognizing and expressing gratitude for our abundant blessings;
  4. Continually growing in compassion, wisdom, self-discovery, and self-care; and
  5. Creating a lasting legacy by using our unique gifts to give something back, as we transcend self-interest in service to others.

For mature audiences. 🙂